What are bed bugs?
Beg bugs are reddish-brown wingless small flat insects that suck the blood of humans and animals when they sleep. The cleanliness does not influence their presence in a place, and you can obtain them from anywhere.
What happens after a bed bug bites?
If a bed bug bites, it draws blood from your body for 10 minutes in a single feeding. Usually, they bite the areas exposed such as upper body, neck, arms, and shoulders.
What risks come with bed bugs bites?
Each body responds to bites by bed bugs differently. It might bite, and your body fails to show any physical signs of a bite. For others, they’ll note slight bite marks in the areas affected.
In the worst case scenario, the bite might result in severe allergic reactions that may require you to seek medical attention. Allergic reactions are responses by the immune system upon the introduction of an antigen. The saliva of a bed bug is a foreign substance and contains toxins. Injecting it into the body leads to inflammation in the form of itchy red welts and small swellings.
While most allergic reactions are not harmful, others can have a huge impact on the key systems of a human body. There are those who experience symptoms of severe bed bugs allergic reactions such as panting, hiving, and anaphylaxis and will need to see a physician right away.
What are the signs and symptoms of bed bugs bites?
At times, it can be challenging to differentiate between the bed bug bites and bites from other insects or even rashes. You can know that it’s a bed bug bite if it’s itchy, red with a darkened spot in the middle and if the bite is on the face arms, arms, and shoulders.
Do bed bugs bite through your clothes? 
While there may be exceptions, bed bugs lack the mouthparts to penetrate the clothing and the skin at the same time. It has a straw-like mouth that isn’t long enough to pierce through several layers at ago and reach the blood vessels under the skin. So, the bed bugs will simply go for the exposed parts of the body and attack when asleep.
How can I tell bed bugs have bitten me?
Usually, it’s hard to tell that you’ve been bitten by bed bugs unless you can see them or there’s an infestation. That’s because once they bite, bed bugs introduce an anticoagulant and anesthesia that makes you not realize.
Where possible, the bug bites and leaves visible marks that resemble those of the mosquitoes and fleas. The punctured and the surrounding areas develop itchy and irritating reddish swellings. You might also develop insomnia, anxiety and skin conditions form consistent scratching.
How harmful are bed bugs for babies
Bed bugs do not know the age, and they will attack the infants and the toddlers. While their bites on youth adults and adults may still bring significant allergic reactions and other symptoms, babies are at even higher risk. Bed bugs will transmit infections such as Chagas Disease and Hepatitis B, which can kill healthy adults, small kids, and infants whose immune is developing.
Should I seek medical care for bed bugs bites?
In most cases, bed bugs do not pose grave health risks, and a slight bite that doesn’t have much impact shouldn’t raise the alarm. However, if you develop severe allergic reactions, prolonged sleeplessness, skin conditions, and the risk of developing other infections, see a doctor.
How do I eliminate bed bugs in my home?
Wash the bedding, linen, clothing, curtains and more in hot water. Scrub the mattresses with a brush to remove the bugs and their eggs from the crevices and cracks and then vacuum it. Make sure that you vacuum your bed thoroughly. Discard any furniture that’s impossible to salvage.
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