Jamaica Avenue

If you ever happen to drive down the Jamaica Avenue in Queens Village, do drop-in at the Heavenly Friaille restaurant for a quick bite or J & J for a chilled cocktail. Certainly, this quaint locality also boasts of the Symphony Sign Bazaar, CJ Fashions and the famous Le Bon Pain Bakery across the street!


With 6 private schools, nine educational institutions, 1 library, many commercial establishments and residential areas around the beautiful Jamaica Avenue, there is a lot being done by the civic authorities to make it even better. However, one in every 5 buildings in the area is marauded with rats and unwanted pests.

Rodent population has amplified over 60% over 5 years in the Jamaica Avenue. Mice and similar vermin are known to spread plague and similar transmissible diseases. The area is also notorious for being touted as the 4th most rodent-infested neighborhoods in Queens Village.

The sight of mice scurrying across the floor of a restaurant is not exactly what one would consider hygienic. Or even bedbugs or termites at a dwelling are considered atrocious in the sight of homeowners. Be it a rodent problem, bird nuances or cockroaches around your vicinity, the Bed Bugs Extermination team is ever-present for ensuring your wellbeing.

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