Bed Bugs Extermination Near Me – Treatment Options

If you are reading this, you are obviously researching pest control and possibly bed bugs. If you are dealing with bed bugs they are rampant once festering somewhere and their creepy appearance is oval shaped and brown. These disgusting creatures live on the blood of people and pets. They are very flat about the size of an appleseed when they are not full. In a way like the tick, they gorge on you for dinner and then well up and turn reddish from the blood.

Get Rid of them ASAP

These rapid creatures may not be able to fly but that does not mean they are not fast and dangerous because they can fly quickly over the flooring up the walls of your house to the ceiling. They can lay eggs up there and it’s hard to see them because hundreds of them are only about the size of of a grain of sand. When they are in the midst ages for we call them the teenage years the needs years of bed bug are high. They need to feast on blood 5 times a day. They can produce the insane amount of up to three generations in a single year long period. So you should get asking yourself “ where can I find quality bed bugs exterminators near me Queens, to rid yourself of this issue.

Where Do they Like to Hide?

Bedbugs exterminators will tell you that although they are a horrific nuisance, they don’t carry diseases that can be spread to the human body. You can go on vacation, and bring bed bugs back with you. They also hide in-

  • Beds that are used
  • Your furniture
  • They are the size of a playing card, flattening out to fit into the tiniest spots you can imagine.
  • The seams of mattresses
  • Sheets and pillows
  • Around any cracks in baseboards or the walls.
  • Apartments in the same  apartment building can catch them too.
  • There is a rumor that they come from only dirty homes but the most immaculately clean residences can also have bed bugs. No one is immune to this epidemic.

They bite at Night

When you crawl into your bed and are sleeping, this is when a bed bug is going to come and get you. They will bite you while you are asleep and eat on your skin until they feel engorged and elongated. They will crawl away and you won’t notice what they’ve done until you feel itchy in the morning. You need to call pest control right away.